Coconut Bowls & Spoons

The scent of coconut brings back different memories to everyone. Some, it takes back to that afternoon sipping a delicious Pina Colada in Bangkok, others it reminds them of the Turkish Delight with grated coconut they had in Istanbul, or that spicy, but rich-flavoured curry in the market of Boombay. However, other than providing a great tastemaker in countless dishes all around the globe, the coconut can also be the source for our interior products. Urban Nature Culture makes the most of one of nature’s most useful productions, and uses the coconut’s first shell to create a beautiful piece of kitchenware!

Coconut Bowl    

Guarding the tasty fruit and milk, the shell of the coconut doesn’t need to go to waste. Instead, we let Indian craftsmen transform it into a stunning bowl. Only matured coconuts are used, as these are the ones that have a hard and durable shell. With each coconut different in size, shape and pattern, each bowl is unique. First, they’re cut in half, sanded, and given a smooth finish by waxing it. No chemicals are used in this process, making sure it remains a true product of nature. It may seem simple, but it’s a product of high craftsmanship, with the perfect bowl for breakfast, lunch or dinner as a result. The Coconut Bowl is available HERE!

Coconut Spoon

Our Coconut Spoon finds its origin in a completely different corner of the world: Brazil. While traveling along the Bahian coastline of Brazil, at the Trancoso beach, Anne enjoyed her favourite coffee blend, and had it served with a cute little, wooden spoon. The perfect example of how a tiny little thing can bring inspiration, and travel the globe, all the way into your home. Made from mango wood and coconut, it makes you stir a little piece of Brazil into your everyday moments. That’s happiness right there.

Our Coconut spoon will be available soon!


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