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No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until they come home and rest their head on their own pillow.”
Lin Yutang

There’s a whole world of them, in all shapes and sizes, colors, patterns and designs. They can make a house a home, add a soft touch to any environment and completely change the look of your interior. We simply love cushions, pillows and throws, providing us the perfect hug we need after a long day of work, or weeks of travelling the globe. They welcome us home, with a soft and warming embrace, and that’s exactly why you’ll find so many cushions in each Urban Nature Culture collection. In this Blog, we’ll introduce you to some of our latest collectables, as we greet the beautiful season of autumn.

In touch with nature
No matter how high the concrete towers rise around us, we’ll always need nature. It’s our forever source of inspiration, with endless possibilities and looks. Our brand new collection is influenced by the stunning design of plant, trees and flower leaves. Each carrying their own structure, they leave a unique print. Urban Nature Culture’s handpainted Leafs of Forest and Fern Leaf cushions make you dream off to faraway forests, high up in the mountains of Japan, the Alps or somewhere closer, inviting you for a walk. The calming, dark green and enchanting, old pink add warmth to your interior, inviting you for a midday daydreaming session to gain energy and catch your breath. Looking for a more refreshing and bright design? Then our Sketch of Nature, with a print that looks like it walked straight out of nature, is our choice for you. Made of strong but airy linen and carrying the print of leaves, it adds a bit of Mother Nature to your urban environment.

Soft and inviting
Greens, pinks and accents of orange can be found in our collection. But there’s more than just color or designs to our cushions. In fact, it’s all about the choice of material. Whether you’ll take a nap, get comfy to read your favorite book or cuddle up with your loved ones, our cushions are soft and inviting, time after time. If you love a soft look, it’s time you’d discovered our Tibetan Sheep Fur cushion. Hailing from the Ningxia area in China, it’s got natural, curly waves like ripples on a lake and has the softest touch you’ve ever felt. Rain might be pouring down outside, but you’re warm and snug indoors, enjoying a hot mug of Rooibos Tea or dark chocolate milk.

Go vintage
Though we like shiny, new things, we also love it when an item takes us back to the old days. Bringing us a glimpse of the glorious past, is Urban Narure Culture’s Vintage Velvet Cushion, illustrating a rusty, old look. We’ve washed the fabric with natural pumice stone, which gives it that vintage appearance, without losing the soft touch. Available in a set of beautiful, velvety colors, such as velvet jade, Indian teal and old pink, it’s one of Urban Nature Culture’s latest wannahaves.

There’s many more of Urban Nature Culture’s cushions to explore though. We’ve got floor cushions for your daily meditation moment, UNC Meets Fabel cushions with lovely butterflies for the kids room, Blockprint cushions from India, bright orange Folklore designs and much, much more. Head off to our Shop and explore our treasures! We’d love to welcome them to your home. 

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