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There’s no such thing as waste. As time goes by, we find more and more inventive ways of using leftovers and reusing what we already have. The time is now to create new beauties from existing things and be as creative as possible. We’re all moving towards a circular economy, in which we restore, redefine and regenerate. Nature is our source of life, and it’s a source we have to protect, value and use in the most precious way. To show you some of the many ways of doing so, we’ll introduce you to a selection of our Urban Nature Culture products – all made of recycled sources.


The Verre Beldi glasswork

Made of 100% recycled glassware, the Verre Beldi glass holds true to the tradition that started in 1946. Beldi glasses come to life in a beautiful place not far from Marrakech. They’re manufactured from two tons of recycled glass per day. Flat glass and glass bottle waste is heated up to 1600 degrees for 24 hours, fusing together. The blown glasses are cut by hand, using an oxygen and gas flame. The debris goes back into the furnace, on to the melting pot for the next round of glass-blowing. The finished glasses are places in an annealed furnace for 3 hours, washed and transported on a carriage rail to their storage location. From there, the glasses get send out all across the globe, including to us in Amsterdam – all the way up to your home!

UNC Stationary & wish cards

Our very own notebooks, address books and wish cards are produced from recycled paper and cotton. Handcrafted in India, the Sketch of Nature Notebook is the recycled result of cotton remnants, collected and reused to inspire you. Write down your stories, address and well wishes to loved ones on this perfect example of recycling nature.

Placemat Blue/Green

It’s not just the stand-out products that know how to steal the show. UNC’s basic Placemat, made of recycled cotton, is part of your everyday breakfast, midday lunch or late-night dinner. It’s a nice thought to enjoy your delicious meal right above this cotton beauty, made with respect to nature, isn’t it?

Bihar Cushion

Hand-spun and hand-woven, Urban Nature Culture’s Bihar cushion is the result of an ancient old tradition that’s very much alive today. It’s made of the so-called Noil Silk, the short fibre that’s left from combing wool or spinning silk. It’s used as a decorative additive for many spinning projects, like roving’s and yarns. In this case, it’s used to hand-weave the solid Bihar cushion. Traditionally hand spun and hand woven into fabrics from the handloom weaving cluster in Bihar, it has a rustic look and coarser texture, which is exactly what makes it stand out. As you can see, not a single piece of silk used in India’s industry is gone to waste.

Folkloric Carpet
Half of our sunny and bright, wild-flowered Folkloric Carpet is made from recycled silk. Not only does it add a colorful touch to your home, it has happiness as a side-effect and instantly lights up the room.

With many more inventive ways to use nature’s products and leftovers, you can be sure to find many more recycled items and new materials in our following collection in January/February 2018. Keep an eye on our social media and blog to be the first to know. What’s your favorite recycled item in our store? Let us know on social media!

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With a lifelong experience in home and lifestyle collections, Dutch entrepreneur and wayfarer in life Anne Marie Hermans is proud to bring you the brand that mirrors her vision on the world: Urban Nature Culture.