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Finca Buen Vino

Sometimes, we can’t help to daydream. Longing for peace, quiet and moments away from a busy life, our minds wander off to the perfect holiday destination. And sometimes, when you’re on that holiday, you find that this is the place you’ve been (day)dreaming of. One of those places, a little piece of paradise, is Finca Buen Vino. A small, family-run Bed & Breakfast near Sevilla in Spain. We couldn’t resist to share this inspiring place with all of our Urban Nature Culture lovers.

Finca Buenvino

Anne Marie wrote about it in her blog. She visited the Finca during the Easter weekend, and got back home filled with energy. Anne: “I met Jeannie and Sam Chesterton and their family there in Sierra Aracena, near Sevilla. They’ve been living in the Sierra for nearly 33 years and are self-sustaining in nearly everything they eat and drink. We had lovely chats at their fireplace, shared coffee outside in the first rays of the spring sunshine. Above all, Jeannie is a wonderful cook. She published a book to share all her secrets, called ‘The Buenvino Cookbook’ – which of course I had to take home with me. Again, another wonderful memory was made that Easter trip.”


Buen Vino is famous for excellent, organic food, a relaxing and chilled-down ambience, old world charm and the stunning scenery. It’s situated on top of the hill, so when you take a refreshing dive into the infinity pool, you’ll overlook the Spanish hills. Tranquility lives here. But there’s more to it than the picture-perfect scenery. Jeannie and Sam will take care of guests like they’re their own family. Every night, guests share a meal at one big table, sharing stories about their lives and exchanging holiday tips.  The vegetables Jeannie serves are all home-grown, from tomatoes and potatoes to green beans, peppers, aubergines and carrots. You name it, they’re growing it.


The house is set amongst 60 hectares of mixed forest, mostly made of Spanish chestnuts and cork oaks. But Buen Vino also has its own fruit orchards and olive groves. The small stream running through the valley, called ‘Arroyo Buenvino’ gave name to the property. Jeannie and Sam run sheep on their land, as well as Iberian pigs from which they make their own Jamon Serrano, salchichón and chorizo. Located in the heart of the Sierra de Aracena National Park near Sevilla, the air is pure, there’s wildflowers all around and you’re more likely to be waking up to the sounds of birds chirping than to any traffic.

An inspiring place that we wanted to share with you. We can’t wait to be back, Jeannie and Sam.

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