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A healthy state of mind starts with a healthy body. To feel comfortable in your own skin, and wanting the very best for your own well-being and that of others. Urban Nature Culture values these ethics, and so we value the work of The Green Happiness. You’ve probably spotted our Urban Nature Culture products in their books, displaying their mouth-watering, delicious recipes. We’re proud to be part of their green mission and think it’s time for you to get to know The Green Happiness, the plant-based lifestyle that has stimulated nearly 200.000 people to feel better.

How The Green Happiness came to life


Set up by Tessa Moorman and Merel von Carlsberg, the two Dutch ladies developed a brand that supports a healthy way of eating, with the goal in mind to feel more energetic, radiant and alive. Their company has expanded from just the two of them and a couple of interns to 16 employees. And it’s still growing. But success didn’t come overnight. And The Green Happiness wasn’t built in a day either. In fact, for the girls it all started with the fight against their own health issues. Tessa suffered from severe headaches on a daily base, as well as abdominal pain. Merel had a lot of hormonal issues, including PCOS and acne. After the girls studied nutrition and dietetics (where they met in school), orthomolecular medicine and kinesiology, their lifestyle changed drastically, but positively. Both ladies noticed a great difference in their health, and both agreed that they wanted to share their story and help others. Having done their studies and reading hundreds of books, scientific studies and watching documentaries about the balance of food and health as self-study, as well as gathering the experience they had from their work as dieticians, saw them embark on a new journey: The Green Happiness.

The first book: 50 days of Green Happiness


Their big breakthrough came in 2015, when a Dutch TV show, 3Onderzoekt, hired them to develop a 50 day-guide to make show host Anne-Mar reach the size of a Victoria Secret model. The program turned out to be such a great success, that it caused an online hype. Wanting to explain that their lifestyle is much more than just a way of losing weight, the girls decided to turn the program into a book. And so, the first book of The Green Happiness was published. With loads of delicious recipes, mind-blowing body facts and lots of stories that tell us exactly how nature can help us feel better, their first ‘Your 50 Days of Green Happiness’ book became an instant hit. Challenging the reader to try a plant-based diet for 50 days and witnessing the positive changes in your body, it’s a guide in trying to find a healthy balance. And that’s a good thing for everyone.  

The power of our own body  

Tessa & Merel’s fourth book, the Winter Edition of ‘Your 50 Days of Green Happiness’ was published in December 2016, and the girls had come a long way since kicking off their healthy adventure. You’ll find detox smoothies alongside pumpkin bread, bounty lollipops, healthy pizza, party pancakes and quinoa sushi. Lots of yummy recipes, often displayed in our beautiful Urban Nature Culture products. And the best thing is, their books help you with every step along the way. Tessa and Merel describe what happens to your body after you’ve taken that bite, what should always be stored in your kitchen cabinets, what to do if you’ve got a strong urge to snack, etc. It teaches us that by eating the right food and living a healthy lifestyle, our body can heal itself, gain more power and feel much more energetic. Their vegan – or ‘plant-based’ as Tessa calls it – lifestyle is all about feeling good. That’s exactly why we love it.

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We thank Tessa and Merel for their continuous Urban Nature Culture collaboration, for inspiring us and many others with their lifestyle, and we wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours!

Want to see if The Green Happiness works out for you? The girls have sent us a few of their healthy recipes, to share in our Urban Nature Culture blog. So keep an eye out and enjoy them!

For more info, check out The Green Happiness website.



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