New Arrivals Spring/Summer


There’s a new light, carried upon a soft, warming breeze. It travels through nature, reaching the urban society with the promise of new beginnings. Time has come to start anew, follow the tide of change and awaken your senses. The dark months of winter belong to the past now, and the future brings a world of new life, light and hope. It’s spring, and it invite you to be you.

Our new collection finds beauty in chaos. Urban life can be stressful, full of disorder, in the same way, nature is a wild running jungle. But once we look inside ourselves, be quiet and listen to the rhythm of all things, we find that everything’s connected. We’re all creating our patterns, follow lines and align our hearts and thoughts, from our inner world to the outer world. With spring upon us, it’s time to let our dreams bloom and watch ourselves grow.

Light, airy and transparent colors, inspired by calm waves and seaside retreats, mingle with bright, vivid patterns of Havanna, Aboriginal, Shibori, Amazone and Kuba Kloth art. Warm layers of indigo and flowing watercolors, taken from where the ocean meets the land, collide with a powerful green that grows below, next to and above us. Symmetrical balance and tight city line rebel with nature’s flow of things, making a daring statement. Urban Nature Culture’s SPRING collection adds a refreshing touch to your very favorite place in the world; home, no matter where in the world that is.

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New collection Spring/Summer 2017 is now in! New inspiring items are available at our webshop!
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About Us

With a lifelong experience in home and lifestyle collections, Dutch entrepreneur and wayfarer in life Anne Marie Hermans is proud to bring you the brand that mirrors her vision on the world: Urban Nature Culture.