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Frank Rensen

“Baby, can I come along with you?
I won’t make it on my own.
I keep losing focus all the time.
Help me find my finish line.
I don’t want to do you wrong,
Baby can you show me…which way is home?”
Frank Rensen – Focus

Frank Rensen

At UNC, we admire people who dare to follow their dreams. One of them, and a very talented one indeed, is singer-songwriter Frank Rensen. He started off performing covers of other famous songwriters, until he felt it was time for his own music to be heard. Four years ago, the Rotterdam based guitar player and singer chose to give up his day job and live for music. He decided it was time to grow. A brave decision.

Early 2016, he released his debut EP, ‘Fragments’. His calming, warm voice guides us on ‘Little Suzy’ and ‘Old Friend’, while both ‘Trying To Make It Work’ and ‘Focus’ reveal a different, more up-tempo side to Frank’s blend of indie, folk and pop. The ‘Fragments’ EP firmly cements Frank’s place at the forefront of The Netherland’s up and coming singer-songwriters. Frank’s sound, heartfelt lyrics and talent stood out for us, and perfectly represents what Urban Nature Culture is about.

Frank: “I’ve travelled all over the world. My home is filled with guitars and other instruments from many different countries. Every instrument has its own special story about a person, sight, smell, sound, taste, etc. UNC collects these kinds of stories too. I like that!”

We’re proud to have Frank’s track ‘Focus’ as the soundtrack of the official launch video of UNC, and have invited him to do an acoustic session at our blog event on May 19th 2016.

Frank: “The song ‘Focus’ is about making choices. What do you want to become? Where do you want to go? I don’t know the answers yet and maybe I never will, but I do know I want to feel at home. Asking for directions is part of that journey.” Listen to ‘Focus’ at Urban Nature Culture Movie

Be sure to keep an eye out on this talented Dutchman.

Check out Frank’s website: www.frankrensen.nl
Listen to him on Spotify
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