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No matter how mighty we built our urban, concrete jungles, how tall our skyscrapers stand and how structured we want life to be, we’d be lost without nature. We need its controlled chaos, its inventive
ways and overwhelming beauty. We need green in our life. Not only to enjoy the view and make sure the world’s a more beautiful place, but also to breathe. And we don’t just need nature outdoors, we should also embrace nature in our very homes. To do that, we’ve joined forces with one of the most thriving Dutch webshops in plants, flowers and more. Driven by the same passion for interior design and the need to live a healthy life, we feel a magical synergy between us and Green Lifestyle Store.

A green oasis.
A house isn’t a home until it’s a place of tranquility, a place to feel at ease. Plants are an essential part of that. They’re much more than just an addition to your design. With their ability to break down pollutants and create oxygen from CO2, plants are a healthy addition to life. Two Dutch ladies shared that opinion, and decided to share the green must-haves via their own webshop: Green Lifestyle Store! Continuously looking for the most beautiful plants with the best quality, they stop by the original grower and select the most special ones. All for you to enjoy.
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Nature, delivered to your doorstep.
Because the main goal of Green Lifestyle Store is to make sure that you get to enjoy indoor nature without having to go through the hassle of driving to the nearest garden center, not knowing what in the world to choose, how to take care of them and where to put them. Instead, your plant of choice will be delivered on your doorstep, in a beautiful, safe box, with a manual and explanation about the plant, flower, cactus or succulent you’ve bought.  Next to the useful advantages, they also follow the latest trends, so you can have a different green flow with every season.

_0002404 copy-XLCombine Green Lifestyle & Urban Nature Culture
On their website, you can find a special selection part of our collaboration. The Pachira plant, that’s traditionally known as a money tree, is a symbol of fortune and luck, making it the perfect housewarming gift. The ‘Lepismium Bolivianum’ is – surprise surprise – a cactus without spines. A friendly cactus that doesn’t sting! The juice of the ever-green succulent Aloë Vera is known for its healing powers, but it also makes a green statement in your home. Combined with many of our plant urban pots, braided baskets, crochet vases and canister tins, these green beauties will stand out even more.

After you’ve ordered your Urban Nature Culture favorites, head off to the Green Lifestyle Store and order your new green friend HERE!



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With a lifelong experience in home and lifestyle collections, Dutch entrepreneur and wayfarer in life Anne Marie Hermans is proud to bring you the brand that mirrors her vision on the world: Urban Nature Culture.