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Urban city life: get yourself a garden office or she-shed!
While modern housing continues to get smaller and smaller, the need to have our own, personal space still stands strong. Now that many more companies have discovered the advantages of working from home, the number of freelancers is still growing rapidly and we’re all looking for a little space of our own, one of the best, green solutions is to build a garden office or garden pod! Hello, garden. Hello, urban jungle!

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We’ve all been through the struggles of working from home. As fun as it sounds, it’s hard to focus when you’re cramped up between the kitchen table, looking at all the domestic things you’ve still got on your list, or get distracted by your kids playing video games. Perhaps it’s not even work you’d like to finish, but you’d just like to have a little me-time, finishing that book you’ve been trying to read for weeks, or do a little yoga session. Good news. Try the garden office, or cabin. If you isolate it well, it’s the perfect little retreat in both summer and winter.

You don’t necessarily need a massive garden to enjoy a garden pod. Do some googling, and you’ll find that several companies offer various sizes for different budgets. What a great way to connect with nature, enjoy natural light and blend nature with your urban environment. Add plants and flowers inside it, and you’ll feel one with nature. Right there, in your urban jungle.

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If you’re looking for a less corporate option, try looking into ‘she-sheds’. Add some lighting, a comfy couch, plaids and all your other favorite things to a greenhouse or cabin, and you’ve got the perfect place to unwind, meditate or calm your senses.   

What’s your dream shed or garden office? Let us know! Upload your picture to Instagram and tag @urban_nature_culture – we’d love to see it!

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City Gardens: farming in the urban jungle
You’re in love with your city loft. Overlooking your beloved city, far above the busy streets, is where you dream off to faraway destination, think of new adventures and celebrate life. However, one thing’s missing: the perfect place to use those green fingers of yours! Urban Nature Culture knows how to fix that though: urban farming!

More and more cities are investing in urban farming – founding and transforming places where people can grow or produce food. While community gardens are mostly for personal use, urban farming is also aiming for the growing of product to be sold or shared. And the surprising thing is, it can be done in every empty office block.

De Schilde in The Hague: breeding fish & growing tomatoes
The perfect example of that is the work of the Dutch Urban Farmers. On the sixth floor of ‘De Schilde’, which used to be an office building, they’re breeding fish. On the top floor, they’ve built a huge greenhouse, where they grow lattice and tomatoes – which they sell with a rooftop market each week. For more info, check the feature CNN did on this special project. The awareness of where our food is coming from continues to grow, as we’ve begun to understand the massive journey our food has to go on, before it ends up on our plate. As a consumer, we barely have a day in what is grown or how it’s grown, but urban agriculture can change that.

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The biggest urban farm in Europe: Amsterdam’s Zuidpark
In Amsterdam, right next to highway A10 and the Amsterdam subway, you’ll find Europe’s biggest rooftop garden at Zuidpark. More than 3000 m2 on which vegetables and fruit are grown, honey’s being cultivated and people join up to have lunch, get together and take care of their own little yard there. And there’s lots more urban farming going on in the big Dutch city. Allotment gardens can be found all across the city, with lots of keen veggie growers about. School gardens are a common part of primary school life in Amsterdam as well, with 13 officials ones registered but even more working together with community gardens to give children a sense of the soil and where our food is coming from.

It’s a very fun and healthy way to create a greener city and make sure we’re holding on to the urban jungle – creating our own food culture!

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Growing your own veggies or fruits as well? Share it with us, tag us on Instagram!

Bar Botanique: the urban jungle brought to life
Right at the heart of the Dapperbuurt in the east of Amsterdam, you’ll find an extraordinary bar that will instantly feel like home. At Bar Botanique, in the Eerste van Swindenstraat 581, they’ve brought the Urban Jungle theme to life. With a tint of tropical, lots of green and a retro interior, it’s become the new living room of everyone in the neighborhood.


What has once been a gym hall and later ‘Café de Ponteneur’, closed down after 25 years, to be renovated and renamed into Bar Botanique. It’s cozy yet airy, has a great outdoor terrace and serves anything from delicious fresh herb tea to green pea soup, Dutch Mule cocktails, spinach pizza and chocolate mousse.

You’ll find the urban jungle is very much alive at Bar Botanique. Palm trees, ferns, monsteras and philodendron create a living, breathing interior. Highlighted with lamps, their shadows bring the ceiling to life. High, large windows cover the entire façade and welcome daylight, bringing outdoor indoor and verse versa. Oak plinths accentuate a bright green concrete floor, bringing perfect harmony, naturally connecting the bar and lounge area. You’ll be in awe with the surprising hanging elements, with lots of geometric rings holding plants from the ceiling, bringing an organic feel to it all. Right here in the urban city, nature is very much present.       

Once the urban jungle fever takes over, you’ll find yourself comfortably stuck in one of their sofa’s for the rest of the day. Enjoy this hotspot!

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