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Marloes Wonen

They’re the ones who make our products shine. The first ones to discover our new treasures and think of ways to incorporate them into their home. They’re the trendsetters, the ones who share their beautiful creations with all of us. The creative minds and creators of more than just pretty pictures. They’re the ones that share their home and provide us an exclusive look into their lives. Bloggers. One of our favorite bloggers is Marloes Wonen. She’s grown a fan of our brand and knows exactly how to make her warm and inviting interior blend with Urban Nature Culture. It’s time we got to know her.

What can you tell us about yourself?
Marloes: ”My name is Marloes (36) and I am based in The Netherlands. I work 40 hours a week in the waste paper industry but I dream of an interior based business of my own. In my spare time, I am constantly busy with our interior and my blog. I also write fantasy books and make oil paintings on order. I am the kind of a person who doesn’t allow herself to sit back and relax. 6 hours of sleep a day is enough.“

When and why did you start your blog?
Marloes: “I started my blog 3 years ago. Our interior changed every month and I couldn’t remember what it looked like before. So I started with a blog, originally to keep track of the changes in our interior, sort of an archive. Later on, when I found my rest in white living, I started writing about other interiors and products I like.”

What inspires you?
Marloes: “Exotic interiors and hotels in Greece and Ibiza. They give me a comfy feeling of being home. We’re currently looking for a new house and I will use all elements in the new interior. A mix of all the good stuff.”

How would you describe your style and who’s your design hero?
Marloes: “My style is a mix of Scandinavia and Ibiza. It depends on my mood. One month, I am more a boho person and the next I want more design in it. My interior hero is Frustilista for sure. To be honest I don’t like her new style, I love her old interior. But I admire the fact she always and only does her own thing.”

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned about interior design?
Marloes: “Keep it simple and white. I used all colors in our interior but I have found rest in white living. No color for me, except for a bit in my table settings.”

Can you tell us your styling advice for people who’ve just gotten to know you?
Marloes: “These days a lot of people copy each other interiors 1:1. It’s an honor to me when I see the exact combination of our lamp, couch and table, but it’s more fun to explore and find your own unique interior style. My advice: copy an idea, not the entire interior. Be creative and explore!”

Interior with Urban Nature Culture
Marloes: “I like to use the items of Urban Nature Culture in our interior because of the basic forms, ethnic twist and pure materials like handmade glass, bamboo and stone. I can fill our whole cabinet with these items. I think such products never bore and even in ten years it feels comfortable using them. For example, the design of the Urban Clay Mug is timeless and so are the bamboo plates. Sometimes I buy a product because it’s a hype, but I prefer to buy products that can last a lifetime. I don’t mind getting old surrounded by beautiful things, haha.”

We completely agree with Marloes; be creative and explore. Discover Marloes’ blog and see how she incorporated our latest collection into her interior HERE! 


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